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Derbyshire Canal Boat Tuition Courses - Crew Course

£140 per person (min booking for 2 persons)

Crew Course is a one-day course, at a total cost of £140 per person to include the certificate.

This is an entry level course and is ideal for introducing friends or family members to crewing a vessel on the inland waterways, and for giving them an understanding of how they can assist the helm whilst building more confidence.

Boating on the canal is fun and relaxing but even better and safer when you have more experience and confidence. Experienced boaters could also benefit from more in-depth practice of the training. There is no exam as the certification is based on assessments throughout the course that is carried out onboard our 47-foot narrow boat CORNERSTONE.

For operational and safety reasons we can only take a maximum of 3 students and a minimum of 2, so lone applicants may be taught alongside another student.

This course has minimum theory teaching but plenty of practical work out on the water including working the locks and bank whilst mooring, comfortable nonslip shoes are a requirement, (no sandals or flip flops).

Wear appropriate clothing for the time of year and bring wet weather gear. Just in case bring a hat and sunscreen. Its mandatory to wear lifejackets, these lifejackets will be provided.

Crew Course Syllabus:

Appropriate Clothing

Correctly fitting your life jacket and the difference between Lifejackets and buoyancy aids

Risks involved in ending up in the water, including cold water shock and avoiding personal injury

Communications between Helmsman and Crew and the importance of clear communications

Preparation of mooring pins

Nautical Terms

Attach fenders

Coil rope & throwing a coiled rope

Attaching a line to bollard, cleat, T stud

Boat Handling

Start and stop engine

Moor/unmoor and signalling to Helmsman when lines are clear or secured

How locks work and Lock safety

Tending lines in the lock

Operate or assist in the operation of the lock gates and paddles

Steering & Speed Control

Turning the boat around using forward and reverse gears

Mooring using pile pins

Basic rules of the waterway

Keeping a look out

Emergency situations

Your role in an emergency

How to raise the alarm

Locate the first aid kit

Preventing man overboard

Man overboard recovery procedure

Mooring using Mooring pins

Stopping the boat

Use of a boat hook

Environmental protection

Potential impact of boating on the environment


How to read and use a waterways map

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DCB Tuition is a friendly, family run narrowboat company operating within Derbyshire between Shardlow, Swarkestone Lock and Willington.

We are fully qualified and insured to run the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) inland waterways Helmsman and Crew courses. The RYA is the recognised governing body for the boating leisure industry and a leading representative for the inland waterways.

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